December 2018
Photography, Illustrator, Photoshop
The Project
As branding cordinator of the DSA (Design Students Association), I was assigned to brand YSDN's annual formal event. After being given the theme of 'CMYK', I was up to the task of developing a cohesive visual brand by exploring possibilties of communicating 'CMYK' in physical means.
This project consisted of a logo, posters, ticket designs, photo props and more.
I decided to play around with different fruits, considering their natural association with bright, CMYK-like colours.
Although I experimented with many different fruits and colours, I ended up using only lemons as they were the most transferrable, visually.
Main Poster
This poster was used to promote the event, through print and on online / social media.
Event Poster [Wide Format]
Measuring 66"x44", this wide format poster was used at the event, hung up on the wall to bring the brand together at the venue.
Tickets, tickets tickets.
The Process
Visual Development
Logo Development
Poster Development