Branding / Social Campaign
December 2018
The Problem
The York strike of 2018 was entering it's 4th month, and students were getting fed up. YSDN students in particular had an extreme distaste towards the situation, after already having experienced the college strike during the first semester.
By the time the strike had come to a conclusion at the end of July, during the 2017-2018 year YSDN students had more time spent on strike than in the classrooms.
With no respectful fincanial reimbursements available and the time lost not being made up, the strike affected every student in some way. Some of the ways students were directly affected was by getting kicked out of residence before the end of the term, failing courses because of the hugely condensed courseloads, and of course, financial struggle. Many students also struglled immensely during the next year because much of the material that was promised to be covered in previous class was not.
The Project
When considering how blatantly awful the York strike was, and how so many students (and faculty) suffered for so long because of an external dispute, the students should not be expected to comply.
I chose to use the obscene language I did to represent the shear anger coming from the student body. The dissatisfaction from the students would not be masked as a result of compliance.
By sporting the stickers and other merchandise like t-shirts, students were able to openly express and their rage against the strike and unify with eachother.
The End Goal
My goal was never to profit off of someone's issue. The goal was to raise awareness and offer students an icon or identity, that would show other students, faculty, and anyone else at York how frustrated they are with the situation.
While the strike did come to a conclusion, students still sport the stickers because we will not forget. Not to mention, perhaps a reboot will be in call in 2021.
Main Logo
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